Add value to your home.

It is important to remember that the buyer looks, smells and touches your home. Try to keep all of your senses in mind as you look at your home.

When selling your home, you can increase the potential value and marketability in several ways. Presenting your home in its best light can make several thousands of dollars difference. We find that most buyers purchase a particular home because they feel comfortable with it. It could be that it reminds them of a house they use to live in or one that is similar to a friend’s home. Whatever the reason, if the seller can create an atmosphere that creates a comfortable setting, then it becomes more desirable to the potential purchaser.

  • Keep your house clean inside by washing windows and draperies, painting walls, cleaning carpets and floors, and cleaning off counters. Also keep your house clean outside by mowing the lawn, replacing bushes, removing dead trees, shrubs, and plants; weeding the garden, cleaning gutters, and repairing/replacing roof shingles.
  • Reduce clutter by at least two pieces of furniture. The more items in a room the smaller it will appear to the potential purchaser. Remove from sight all excess kitchen appliances and other utensils, excess clothing, broken and no longer used toys.
  • If you have an automobile that is no longer in use, put it where it can’t be seen when driving up to the property.
  • If you have a dog, make sure the yard is clear of all waste that may be on the front lawn and those areas in the rear that are used for recreational purposes.
  • If you have old electrical fixtures, either replace them or take them down and clean them thoroughly. Old fixtures give the potential buyer the impression that the electrical system may be in need of repair. However, if the items are clean, at least it will give the impression that the system has been well taken care of.
  • If you’re going to do any painting or re-flooring try to use a neutral color. You may believe that having a pink and purple bath is great, but the market may not.
  • Smell is an important issue as each household has its own unique smell. You may not notice the smell since you are accustomed to it. We suggest removing anything that may create an odor that may not be acceptable to others.
  • To create a good smell, the following items are considered pleasing by most people: fresh flowers, cinnamon, pine, potpourri, lemon polish, and light varnish. By placing vanilla extract on light bulbs you will create a nice smell, and also any cleaning liquid odor will give a sense of cleanliness.
  • Put cat litter boxes out of the way or eliminate them entirely and put your pets out when the property is being shown. Remember some people are scared of dogs or cats and the potential buyer may feel uncomfortable if they are around.
  • Dripping pipes and loose connections are a major turn off, make sure that everything is connected properly and appears well maintained.
  • Noise is also important. Eliminate excess noise as much as possible when your home is being shown. Turn off the T.V. and/or take kids and pets out.
  • Studies show that the two major considerations in buying a home now are spacious kitchens and good size baths. If you are planning to do any remodeling, keep these two areas in mind.
  • Have your heating system checked. People fear the unknown and having your heating system recently checked gives them the impression that you are concerned regarding the maintenance of your home. When showing your home, turn on heat/air conditioning and lights.